The Characteristics of Addiction

The characteristics of addicts
Below is one of the characteristics of users of illegal drugs, I think it is very important to see the development of those around us, especially those people we love

A change in nature or behavior of everyday life. As always a cheerful person suddenly depressed, easily touched on and quick to anger for no apparent reason. But it could also happens vice versa. If he was initially quiet, suddenly transformed into a more cheerful and easy laugh.

2 Frequent yawning and sleepy, lazy, dreamy and not care about the cleanliness or appearance alone but it can sometimes turn into a very loud, even as the tireless.
3 does not discipline or often blurred either at home or school
4 More often hide in dark places or quiet so as not visible
Five different social environment than normal, or more like socializing with certain people who have characteristics such as the signs above.
6 steal property of parents or relatives for reasons that are unclear, because he needs this money to buy drugs.
7 Often, stress, anxiety and insomnia
8 people dazed like a fool or senile as a sleepy red eyes and usually wearing sunglasses and hold a black eye

hopefully by knowing the characteristics of our addiction to ille-gal this problem before more information, thank you for stopping by and reading this article

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Izzatul-Millah said...

great info
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Izzatul-Millah said...

great info.
happy blogging ;)

Dallas said...

When I needed to find a best rehab these guys made the difference. They gave me the help I needed and it made a big difference for the rest of my life. 4 years sober!

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