How to Stop Smoking Without Drugs

If you're a smoker and would like to find out how to have a better life, this article serves up

approaches that you can utilise to give up using tobacco the natural way.
Physical exercise is a proven strategy that plenty of individuals use to help them break any dependency. Working out at least three times a week will help you give up using tobacco in a number of ways. To start off, exercise serves as a distraction; when your mind is focused on a certain task, you wouldn't have the powerful cravings for nicotine that make many people regress and puff on a cigarette stick. The additional rewards of habitual workouts for smoking cessation are as follows: it will help you trim down, provide you with more self-confidence and also inspire you to implement healthier lifestyle modifications.

The most important change that you must do if you strive to give up using tobacco by natural means is to alter your behavioural patterns and inclinations, especially when you experience nicotine hankerings. You ought to search for more favourable and healthier substitutes for cigarettes. To illustrate, if you experience nicotine cravings three times each day, you should do other things instead of giving in to them, like taking a stroll or browsing a novel. At some point, your brain would adjust to these favourable modifications and get used to them. Starting brand-new routines will also help you give up smoking cigarettes naturally. Many tobacco smokers find that they can get rid of certain vices that they do not wish to have by implementing new patterns and abiding by them. Schedules aren't only for work-related matters; they'll also help you in your quest to stop smoking cigarettes naturally! Setting exact intervals for eating, sleeping, exercise, work and other activities would help your mind adjust to a brand-new way of life, and it'll eventually become ingrained in you. If nicotine is not included in your brand-new routine, you would not get to think of smoking.

Behavioral changes and also healthy distractions would not give you the results you require if you hold on to objects that remind you of your awful nicotine habit! If you wish to quit smoking cigarettes the natural way, you need to do away with everything that makes you want to use tobacco. Throw away your matchsticks, lighters, cigarette cases and ashtrays at the soonest possible time! Furthermore, you must refrain from spending time with relatives, pals and colleagues who use tobacco, at least until you are certain that you aren't going to backslide when you are around them. It's completely normal for smokers to experience several relapses; bear in mind that regressing should not deter you and make you feel hopeless. Giving up cigarette smoking is a lengthy and complex endeavour that you could do repeatedly until you triumph over your dependence for good.

Time, work as well as perseverance are necessary if you opt to stop cigarette smoking by natural means. Each day, countless folks decide to stop smoking cigarettes permanently, and a good number of them have already realized success. Do not concentrate on the likelihood that you'll fall short; instead, bear in mind that you must reach this goal for yourself and the ones you love. Accept your failures, move on and keep trying to stop smoking cigarettes the natural way until you finally succeed!

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Due Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is not an overnight issue, it happens after prolonged periods of intoxication and ends up being used as an excuse to get through the stress of daily life. It is believed in some circles that the cause may be a chemical imbalance in the body of the alcoholic. People who don't have the tools to deal with their stress in an effective manner may turn to alcohol to find the relief and get though their day. Peer pressure and depression along with a low self esteem boost the addiction and the alcoholic begins to drink more.

If you know someone who can't stop drinking once he has started, that is a sure sign he may be addicted to alcohol. An addict usually chooses to drink alone and will frequently hide his alcohol addiction. He will begin to develop a physical alcohol addiction to the alcohol as well. An addict will only have one thing on his mind: how, where, and when he will find his next drink. It is no longer done for pleasure but a virtual physical need to keep him functioning properly through the day without withdrawal setting in.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Addicts will not only have the physical alcohol addiction anymore, they will show a mental attachment to the disease and frequently claim there is no problem at all. Physical symptoms of an alcohol addict include black outs, slurred speech, dizziness, and weight loss. They may become red in the face and frequently show signs of clumsyness. An addict may begin to feel numbness in his feet or hands and frequently complain of upset stomach. These latter symptoms usually occur when the withdrawal from the alcohol has begun to show its affect on the body.

The mental part of alcohol addiction has another set of symptoms that include irritability, emotional outbreaks, and inability to stop drinking. Once a person has been drinking over an extended period of time, it takes much more alcohol for him to get under control. Many addicts finally lose the ability to keep a job or even have time to be with friends or family

People with alcohol addiction tend to drink alone and many choose to drink in secret whenever the possibility arises so they can hide their addiction from others. You may find hidden stashes and their relationships will start to fall apart and they will have no control over it or even eventually begin to lose interest altogether.

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Side Effects Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are edible fungi of high nutritional value. Fungi are used in cooking around the world because of high nutritional value and taste, not all mushrooms are edible. There are also many poisonous mushrooms that can cause serious health hazard if consumed.In addition there are many fungi that have psychedelic properties . The "magic mushrooms" is one such psychedelic mushroom known to cause hallucinogenic drug LSD is more like the effects when consumed. If you are interested to learn what the effects of certain molds to your body, then read the next section.

Side Effects Of Mushrooms
Effects Of Psilocybin Mushrooms
Psilocybin mushrooms also known as "magic mushrooms" have effects similar to ‘lysergic acid diethyliamide drugs' popularly known as LSD. Consuming magic mushroom can take you to a "trip" where your perception of reality is altered for some time.

Depending upon your perception and how you feel at that time, the "trip" can be either good or bad.

Within 20 minutes to one hour of consuming the magic mushroom, you start feeling its effect. The first signs are usually a sense of euphoria and expectation along with a tingling sensation in the body.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for the effects of this mushroom to reach its peak.
Many people also complain of feeling revolted at this time.

The peak effect lasts for one to two hours when people reach a state of visual hallucination. Surfaces may ripple and simmer; and all colors will seem more vibrant.

Many people also experience hearing sounds louder than usual.

Magic mushroom also cause people to feel delightful.

Other hallucination symptoms may include experiencing time distortion; body dissolving, see objects merging into one another, etc.

Magic mushrooms usually take you to an enjoyable state. However, many people may have a "bad trip" as well. In a "bad trip" people experience a state that is similar to their worst nightmare.

Other physical side effects of consuming magic mushroom include stomach problems like nausea, cramping, vomiting, etc. Many people also experience bouts of diarrhea after consuming magic mushrooms.

Effects Of Reishi Mushrooms
The Reishi mushroom is also known as "mushroom of immortality". This mushroom helps to boost the immune system and is a rich source of vitamin B and amino acids.

The most common side effect of Reishi mushroom is nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Other side effects of this mushroom include nose bleeds, skin irritation, and skin rashes.
Many people also suffer from dizziness, dry nose and dry throat after consuming excess amounts of this mushroom.

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The Characteristics of Addiction

The characteristics of addicts
Below is one of the characteristics of users of illegal drugs, I think it is very important to see the development of those around us, especially those people we love

A change in nature or behavior of everyday life. As always a cheerful person suddenly depressed, easily touched on and quick to anger for no apparent reason. But it could also happens vice versa. If he was initially quiet, suddenly transformed into a more cheerful and easy laugh.

2 Frequent yawning and sleepy, lazy, dreamy and not care about the cleanliness or appearance alone but it can sometimes turn into a very loud, even as the tireless.
3 does not discipline or often blurred either at home or school
4 More often hide in dark places or quiet so as not visible
Five different social environment than normal, or more like socializing with certain people who have characteristics such as the signs above.
6 steal property of parents or relatives for reasons that are unclear, because he needs this money to buy drugs.
7 Often, stress, anxiety and insomnia
8 people dazed like a fool or senile as a sleepy red eyes and usually wearing sunglasses and hold a black eye

hopefully by knowing the characteristics of our addiction to ille-gal this problem before more information, thank you for stopping by and reading this article

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Therapy Metadon For Addiction

Until this, was gotten by several therapy sorts for the illegal drugs addict. Several for example to be cold Turkey (the stopping suddenly), detoksifikasi, and therapy metadon. However that was proven often succeeded in being what was last that is therapy rumatan metadon. Metadon was opiat synthetic that a group with heroin, codeine, and morphine. 

Opiat this the first time being developed in Germany during 1945 as medicine of the feeling remover was sick. Further, around the year 1960an, for the first time metadon was used for the maintenance program in the illegal drugs addict in New York. By joining therapy metadon, not meant the illegal drugs addict all of a sudden was free from the dependence. 

Why was like this? Because metadon personally was the group opiat, so as giving of this medicine in fact aimed at replacing the requirement for the addict for opiat other like putaw, morphine, etc.. As opiat the replacement who only could be obtained to the therapy clinic metadon, his use had many profits compared with the use of illegal medicine. Metadon reduced even eliminated the dependence of the addict on opiat other that his giving route was risky, for example through the injection. For a long time was known, the use of the needle suntik in the user's circle of intravenous illegal drugs became the main cause of the spread of the HIV and the other illness like hepatitis. The other profit was to reduce the criminal action that was carried out by the illegal drugs addict. The user of illegal drugs usually uses various method sorts in order to be able to get illegal drugs. In therapy metadon the dose was arranged in such a way

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Treating the Addict With acupuncture

Treating Addict With Acupuncture
There is one method suggested to treat illegal drug addicts by acupuncture method

Acupuncture body points to wrist and ankle. There are also acupuncture ear, in and around the point of the ear. Including point to calming the lungs, heart, and a special area of illegal drugs

The drugs patients, would feel uncomfortable having to stop taking drugs. And to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling it earlier and stop the dependence (withdrawal effect), can use acupuncture previously empty, has detocsification Further phases, in this phase the influence of illicit drugs was neutralized, using acupuncture points that can help remove the addictive substance. Withdrawal effects, acupuncture can eliminate perspiration in the body, insomnia and provide comfort.

Patients with drug dependence only, can be completely technical acupuncture. But if the sufferer to the extent that dependence is difficult, beat him not only with acupuncture. But it should also with the help of other fields, like psychology and therapy.

technical acupuncture (acupuncture course), for patients with serious illegal drugs can prevent further brain damage. However, all of them back to the patient Although technically helped by acupuncture, environment, family, and the patient really wants to play a role.

If all parties take part in assisting efforts to control the dependence narkoba.saya sure this problem will end sooner, thks

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Identify Alcoholics

People who do not have the means to cope with their stress effectively can turn to alcohol to get help and get their day though. Peer pressure and depression along with low self-esteem increased alcoholism and began to drink more.

If you know someone who can not stop drinking once he has started, which is a sign that he might be addicted to alcohol. An addict usually prefer to drink alone and often would hide his alcohol addiction. He will begin to develop a physical addiction to alcohol addict alcohol juga.Seorang will only have one thing in mind: how, where, and when he would find the next drink. This is no longer done for fun but to make it a virtual physical needs to function properly through the day without setting withdrawal entry

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction
Addicts will not only have physical alcoholism again, they would show the mental attachment to the disease and often claim there is no problem at all. physical symptoms of alcoholism include black-out, slurred speech, dizziness, and weight loss. They may become red in the face and often show signs of clumsyness. An addict may begin to feel numbness in the feet or hands and often complained of abdominal pain. Symptoms usually occur when the last withdrawal from the alcohol began to show its effect on the body.

Alcoholism mental part has a set of symptoms that include irritability, emotional outbreaks, and the inability to stop minum.Sekali someone has been drinking for a period of time, it takes more alcohol for him to get under control. Many addicts end up losing the ability to keep a job or even have time to be with friends or family

People with alcoholism tend to drink alone and many choose to drink in secret whenever the possibility arises that they can hide their addiction from others. You can find hidden stashes and their relationship will begin to fall apart and they will not have control over or even eventually start to lose interest altogether.

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First Help For Addiction

This time I will share some tips to perform first aid on the addict, but before this I suggest you get to know the characteristics of addicts to review that was presented earlier in his post before

First thing to do is wash with warm water junkie, give drink a lot, give nutritious food that serves to divert attention from the drug.
but remember this is only a way for first aid if the above does not work immediately brought to the physician addict

like many people say that prevention is better than cure, but if all that has happened and want to say what we should do of course treat for all these problems quickly passed, and here are a few tips you should do to addicts

medical care
independent training
strengthening faith
has a healthy social environment
good communication
avoiding illegal drugs

there are medical ways to treat addicts with one of his
detoksdification process of eliminating toxins (narcotics or other addictive substances) from the body by stopping the total use of all addictive substances are used or with a reduced dose of the drug substitute.

and you should know there are four alternative methods that cause rsee or "Harm Reduction":
using a syringe
contaminated wash (sterilization) needle injection
replace injections with aspirin
actually stopped using drugs

few tips from me hopefully those people we care about on keep out of trouble on this one and thank you for visiting this blog 

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Useful illegal Drugs

  • Ekstasi: reduced disquietude, helped indication Parkinsons and the Maintenance for PTSD The psychologist from the University Norwegian Sains and Technology believe that when being combined with submersion therapy, the medicine capacity to release the level oxytocin could make MDMA medicine that was ideal to be used as the complete maaintenance program. This medicine possibly also was able to treat the Parkinson illness through the release the level of serotonin on the brain. Now the researchers still did not understand how the maintenance worked, was proven to be effective in the study used the mouse and one sufferer Parkinson, former stuntman Lawrence's Team, that showed the significant increase in his condition. Casualties Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) also showed the response was positive towards the maintenance that involved ekstasi. The psychologist who carried out therapy used the study and MDMA found this medicine gave them the window of time where the patient experienced the fear of few responses and adequate could handle therapy that very important to work through their condition

    • Cocaine as Motion Sickness Medicine ,While modern medicine found the maintenance was far more safer for most conditions, this medicine still sometimes was used as anaesthesia topikal for the eyes, the nose and the throat operation. Recently also was used as medical treatment topikal was applied to them who suffered the serious chronic headache. Despite the scientists often received that the use of cocaine in the medical field was comparable with the risk, the same thing was not current for the coca crop, where cocaine came. Unlike cocaine, the crop contained several alkaloids (cocaine was made from just one) and was susceptible to abuse ,because that must be consumed in accordance with the rule. The research about the medical need of the coca leaves was rather limited, but in Andean culture used the coca leaves for the aim of medical treatment for centuries.
    • Heroin of the Feeling Remover was sick most Great in the World

    this medicine was still becoming one of the maintenance was most effective and safest to be sick chronic that was extreme, like the suffering that was experienced by the cancer patient. Medical literature showed that that was far more safer than other medicine that was given in his place, including oksikodon the synthetic opium. Unfortunately, the federal government carried out the ban to medicine for the hospital and other medical facilities to use him in a subtantifi manner, although the medicine was safe as handling for the feeling of being sick that was effective and only one his one selection

    • Ketamin Miraculous for Depression

    Most medicine was used as sedation the animal, that was normal was mentioned by the name of "special K, was proven to be quite potent treated clinical depression, in fact to the person who did not respond to medical treatment . more interesting was the reality that this medicine could improve continuation" of "neurons on the brain that beforehand was broken by stress the dose could work quickly and took place for seven to 10 days."

    • Amphetamines for Stroke Restorationf

    Amphetamines were at this time used by the medical community to treat several conditions, including narcolepsy and ADHD. State University of New York reported that in several cases, they were also proven to be effective in treating depression and obesity. One of the uses that was most startling for amphetamines was the use of medicine helped casualties stroke to recover faster.

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    Treated Addict at Island

    There were Many methods was carried out to treat the addicts. One of them was with in did place was isolated, this deliberate was chosen so that the process of his recuperation could go without the existence of the disturbance.

    Do something place in the Island was as New, the Thousand Islands, Jakarta Utara,Indonesia. 
    the Area of this island more than 16,6 hectare that was minded tightly this various medical means were developed for the process of recuperation of illegal drugs casualties. With various facilities that were developed by the number of users of illegal drugs that were treated in this island could reach more than 100 patients.

    According to the project leader was as New as Beach Recovery the Sub-area, the Doctor Chris Benyamin ,in the main Method that was used in Rehabilitation of these illegal drugs was the process of the patient's recuperation, was the method therapy community. With this method of each patient was taught to co-operate in eliminating the habit used illegal drugs. So as the spirit to achieve recovery always will be awakened

    Rehabilitation of illegal drugs Be As Sebaru Beach Recovery Resort also used the vocational method that contents art, the sport method and the religious method. This in did to maintain the future of the illegal drugs casualties ,The owner of rehabilitation also made the Job Posisionning program and Refreshment, so as each patient who was stated recovered could receive the work disalah one company of Tommy Winata

    through the Rehabilitation program of illegal drugs that were undertaken in this island it was hoped of the illegal drugs casualties could stop his bad habit. So as to be not again

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    Addict Rehabilitation Tips

    Rehabilitation really helped restored the person that possess good chronic illness from physical or psychological him. The centre of Rehabilitation used various methods that were different against the patient, 

    I suggested Before you carried out rehabilitation better you knew beforehand the Addict Characteristics

    the maintenance then was adapted according to the illness of the patient and details from the beginning against this patient. The sign of the illness that often was experienced in the centre of between Rehabilitations 
    • The strange behaviour
    • suffer the desire eat
    • descended heavy body
    the patient who entered the centre of Rehabilitation most suffered inferior and the shortage of the view was positive towards the life, because of that psychology played the role that was very big in the Rehabilitation program, Really was recommended to not choose the centre of Rehabilitation was located close to the house of the Patient, Money then played the important role in the maintenance, 

    did not forget patience also was the important factor good that from the individual side and the family personally. Below this had a little tips to take care of the patient so that not addict after coming home from the centre of Rehabilitation
    • find came back the positive hobby or activity that continue to for the patient. 
    • keep good relations between the family circle and around. 
    • Berte you with the psychological consultant or the psychiatrist periodically.
    • forbarance and the conviction from the patient personally would the process of restoration from medicine and addiction
    There were many methods of carrying out rehabilitation one of them was suggested by me to try Therapy Metadon
    Thank you and it is hoped beneficial the  Addict Rehabilitation Tips

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    Effect and Benefit Psychotropic

    Effect and Benefit Psychotropic,The Psychotropic kind could be divided into several part groups that is as medicine:

    - Hallucinogens

    - Antipsychotics 

    - Depressants

    - Stimulants 

    kind of Psychotropic that was used as Depressant (as the bearer relaxtion) that is Alcohol, this substance could damage the atmosphere of the heart, that was happy or depression, this substance could distrube our thoughts or made the irrational decision. Psychotropic other that could change mood or the feeling someone was: 

    1 Antipsychotics, this substance was classified as Stimulant, this substance could help the person who suffered the schizophrenia illness or psychological as a result of having the disturbance to brain cells. 

    2 Mood Stabilizers, this substance was classified as Stimulant, this substance could help the person who had the bipolar illness (psychological). 

    3 Tranquilizers, this substance was classified as Depressant possibly will be more effective for that had discomfort excessive. Several substances or the Psychotropic material could push someone to addiction or addiction, good that the Stimulant kind and Depressant, for example as Morphine that was classified as Depressant, in the world of medical treatment was used as the feeling was sick, Morphine was the addictive substance that came from opium and the heroin mixture also.

     If our  body  include morphine in the high dose as well as in the long period, then will result in addiction or addiction. Psikotropika medicine was not only used for the adult's medical treatment, the use for children then was available, but usually Ritalin, necessary.this Effect and Benefit Psychotropic

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    LSD Treated Addicted

    • LSD: treated addicted, treatment for Depression and stopped headache  the person knew in the year 50 and 60, the scientist in Baltimore recently carried out this research again to see as effective LSD to be used in treating the alcohol addict, the sedative, opium and heroin. In Spring Grove State Hospital in Maryland, the researchers gave the acute LSD cancer patient to see whether he could help reduced their concern about death.a third from the patient said they felt dramatic decreased the tense feeling, depression, frightened the death and cranky.a third other reported this condition really decreased and the last group said, their condition did not improve completely, but also did not worsen. LSD was also used for psychotherapy for the year of some sixty. A study of the doctor in England that treated their patient with medicine showed the majority of them believed the effective and safe substance in treating the patient. This medicine was also proven to pereda pain that was effective to be sick chronic. Continued this research, a study in McLean Hospital found that 53 sufferers had a headache klaster that took LSD some or the miraculous fungus were reported by the beneficial effect and that the quantity of medicine could be far below the dose psychedelic so that to efekctive.LSD Treated Addicted

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    usefulness of the pure water

    For you who wanted to reduce the weight drank the pure water. Was present the potent method that was cheap.

     was easy to be received, and without the side-effect. The expert in nutrition from the Virginian University of Tech United States, Brenda Davy, concluded the adult who drank two glasses, respectively measuring 226 gram, the pure water before eating, could press calorie 75 to 90 calorie in their consumption. His research involved 48 people with the age 55-75 years, that was bisected the group: drank two pure water glasses before eating and eating as usual. Panganan was given by three times a day, took the form of low food calorie. However the group that drank the pure water before eating could lower heavy more, that is around 7 kilogram. Whereas the group that ate as usual only 4,9 kilogram. "We must drink more pure waters, this the method that was easy to arrange the weight," said Davy as being quoted by Science Daily Davy, filled up the stomach with the pure water before eating could reduce the hungry feeling. "So as we reduced calorie," he said. The pure water also reduced the requirement for humankind would the sweet drink and soda water, that contained many calorie. Davy recommended the liquid, including the pure water, that was needed by the woman was 9 glasses per the day and 13 glasses for the man. Kelewat often swallowed water, although rarely happened, could cause poisoning.

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    Extract Kudzu for Addiction

    The extract from the Kudzu tree that was developed to treat the alcohol addict possibly also helped in treating the cocaine addict, said several researchers in Gilead Sciences Inc

     the Trial to the mouse showed this medicine could stop them consumed cocaine, said the report on the Gilead team in the journal of Nature Medicine.Gilead inherited this trial medicine last year, when being produced in CV Therapeutic Inc. did "not have medical treatment that was effective for cocaine addiction although having much knowledge neurobiologi medicine addiction," wrote Lina Yao, Ivan Diamond and their colleague. Kudzu was old medicine for the alcohol addict. The spreading crop, the original Asian crop, spread to most Southeast territories, the United States, after being imported to control the erosion of the land. CV Therapeutics made the synthetic extract that was mentioned selective aldehyde dehyrogenase-2 inhibitor, or "ALDH2i". The extract used the name CVT-10216. The trial to the mouse showed this extract could stop the rodent consumed cocaine. This extract also could prevent relapsed him the addiction after all these mice were freest from cocaine. They found the extract procedure, that is increasing the level of the material that was mentioned "tetrahydropapaveroline" or "THP". Cocaine addiction made the level of one brain chemical that was mentioned "dopamine" improved and "THP" was mixed with this situation. "We suspected ALDH-2 inhibitor that was safe, selective and could take on the appearance of ALDH2i possibly had"

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    White The Egg to Treat

    white the egg to treat,The egg could be used in a topikal manner to the face as pimple medical treatment. It was white that the egg bosa was used to reduce oil and mengecilkan pores, also could attract the waste and oil from skin so as to prevent the emergence acne.egg usually was known as the healthy menu for breakfast. Not only that, white the egg that was rich in beneficial also vitamins to overcome the pimple. How him? According to, the egg was rich in vitamins that could wage war on the pimple. Vitamins B2 was medicine natural stress that in the long run also could prevent the pimple, because of stress could increase the production of oil and causing the pimple. Moreover, the egg also contained vitamins B3 that could increase the blood circulation in the body. Whereas the content zinc could reinforce the system of body immunity, cured the wound and helped arranged the hormone. All these functions were very useful to wage war on acne
    Launched Livestrong,white the egg to treat the pimple could be taken by means of being made the mask. Along with his method of making him
    • Break the slow egg and separated white from the egg yolk
    • Shook white the egg
    • Add several drops of lemons juice to white egg
    • Clean the face and spread the white mask the egg by using fingertips with the movement melingkat sof
    • Avoid the area of the eyes and mouth
    • Let the dry mask on the face and was announced around 15 to 20 minute
    • Feel skin to really strict
    • Rinsed with warm water and let dry
    The white mask the egg really was suitable for the adolescent. This mask worked better to oily skin or the combination. The white mask the egg could be used very much or twice a week. Apart from being made the mask, white the egg could be also boiled and was afterwards eaten. Vitamins that were contained in white the egg will work from inside outside the body, so as to broadcast skin that healthy white the egg to treat,It is hoped beneficial

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