usefulness of the pure water

For you who wanted to reduce the weight drank the pure water. Was present the potent method that was cheap.

 was easy to be received, and without the side-effect. The expert in nutrition from the Virginian University of Tech United States, Brenda Davy, concluded the adult who drank two glasses, respectively measuring 226 gram, the pure water before eating, could press calorie 75 to 90 calorie in their consumption. His research involved 48 people with the age 55-75 years, that was bisected the group: drank two pure water glasses before eating and eating as usual. Panganan was given by three times a day, took the form of low food calorie. However the group that drank the pure water before eating could lower heavy more, that is around 7 kilogram. Whereas the group that ate as usual only 4,9 kilogram. "We must drink more pure waters, this the method that was easy to arrange the weight," said Davy as being quoted by Science Daily Davy, filled up the stomach with the pure water before eating could reduce the hungry feeling. "So as we reduced calorie," he said. The pure water also reduced the requirement for humankind would the sweet drink and soda water, that contained many calorie. Davy recommended the liquid, including the pure water, that was needed by the woman was 9 glasses per the day and 13 glasses for the man. Kelewat often swallowed water, although rarely happened, could cause poisoning.

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