Treated Addict at Island

There were Many methods was carried out to treat the addicts. One of them was with in did place was isolated, this deliberate was chosen so that the process of his recuperation could go without the existence of the disturbance.

Do something place in the Island was as New, the Thousand Islands, Jakarta Utara,Indonesia. 
the Area of this island more than 16,6 hectare that was minded tightly this various medical means were developed for the process of recuperation of illegal drugs casualties. With various facilities that were developed by the number of users of illegal drugs that were treated in this island could reach more than 100 patients.

According to the project leader was as New as Beach Recovery the Sub-area, the Doctor Chris Benyamin ,in the main Method that was used in Rehabilitation of these illegal drugs was the process of the patient's recuperation, was the method therapy community. With this method of each patient was taught to co-operate in eliminating the habit used illegal drugs. So as the spirit to achieve recovery always will be awakened

Rehabilitation of illegal drugs Be As Sebaru Beach Recovery Resort also used the vocational method that contents art, the sport method and the religious method. This in did to maintain the future of the illegal drugs casualties ,The owner of rehabilitation also made the Job Posisionning program and Refreshment, so as each patient who was stated recovered could receive the work disalah one company of Tommy Winata

through the Rehabilitation program of illegal drugs that were undertaken in this island it was hoped of the illegal drugs casualties could stop his bad habit. So as to be not again

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