White The Egg to Treat

white the egg to treat,The egg could be used in a topikal manner to the face as pimple medical treatment. It was white that the egg bosa was used to reduce oil and mengecilkan pores, also could attract the waste and oil from skin so as to prevent the emergence acne.egg usually was known as the healthy menu for breakfast. Not only that, white the egg that was rich in beneficial also vitamins to overcome the pimple. How him? According to Bodybuildingforyou.com, the egg was rich in vitamins that could wage war on the pimple. Vitamins B2 was medicine natural stress that in the long run also could prevent the pimple, because of stress could increase the production of oil and causing the pimple. Moreover, the egg also contained vitamins B3 that could increase the blood circulation in the body. Whereas the content zinc could reinforce the system of body immunity, cured the wound and helped arranged the hormone. All these functions were very useful to wage war on acne
Launched Livestrong,white the egg to treat the pimple could be taken by means of being made the mask. Along with his method of making him
  • Break the slow egg and separated white from the egg yolk
  • Shook white the egg
  • Add several drops of lemons juice to white egg
  • Clean the face and spread the white mask the egg by using fingertips with the movement melingkat sof
  • Avoid the area of the eyes and mouth
  • Let the dry mask on the face and was announced around 15 to 20 minute
  • Feel skin to really strict
  • Rinsed with warm water and let dry
The white mask the egg really was suitable for the adolescent. This mask worked better to oily skin or the combination. The white mask the egg could be used very much or twice a week. Apart from being made the mask, white the egg could be also boiled and was afterwards eaten. Vitamins that were contained in white the egg will work from inside outside the body, so as to broadcast skin that healthy white the egg to treat,It is hoped beneficial

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