Extract Kudzu for Addiction

The extract from the Kudzu tree that was developed to treat the alcohol addict possibly also helped in treating the cocaine addict, said several researchers in Gilead Sciences Inc

 the Trial to the mouse showed this medicine could stop them consumed cocaine, said the report on the Gilead team in the journal of Nature Medicine.Gilead inherited this trial medicine last year, when being produced in CV Therapeutic Inc. did "not have medical treatment that was effective for cocaine addiction although having much knowledge neurobiologi medicine addiction," wrote Lina Yao, Ivan Diamond and their colleague. Kudzu was old medicine for the alcohol addict. The spreading crop, the original Asian crop, spread to most Southeast territories, the United States, after being imported to control the erosion of the land. CV Therapeutics made the synthetic extract that was mentioned selective aldehyde dehyrogenase-2 inhibitor, or "ALDH2i". The extract used the name CVT-10216. The trial to the mouse showed this extract could stop the rodent consumed cocaine. This extract also could prevent relapsed him the addiction after all these mice were freest from cocaine. They found the extract procedure, that is increasing the level of the material that was mentioned "tetrahydropapaveroline" or "THP". Cocaine addiction made the level of one brain chemical that was mentioned "dopamine" improved and "THP" was mixed with this situation. "We suspected ALDH-2 inhibitor that was safe, selective and could take on the appearance of ALDH2i possibly had"

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