LSD Treated Addicted

  • LSD: treated addicted, treatment for Depression and stopped headache  the person knew in the year 50 and 60, the scientist in Baltimore recently carried out this research again to see as effective LSD to be used in treating the alcohol addict, the sedative, opium and heroin. In Spring Grove State Hospital in Maryland, the researchers gave the acute LSD cancer patient to see whether he could help reduced their concern about death.a third from the patient said they felt dramatic decreased the tense feeling, depression, frightened the death and cranky.a third other reported this condition really decreased and the last group said, their condition did not improve completely, but also did not worsen. LSD was also used for psychotherapy for the year of some sixty. A study of the doctor in England that treated their patient with medicine showed the majority of them believed the effective and safe substance in treating the patient. This medicine was also proven to pereda pain that was effective to be sick chronic. Continued this research, a study in McLean Hospital found that 53 sufferers had a headache klaster that took LSD some or the miraculous fungus were reported by the beneficial effect and that the quantity of medicine could be far below the dose psychedelic so that to efekctive.LSD Treated Addicted

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