First Help For Addiction

This time I will share some tips to perform first aid on the addict, but before this I suggest you get to know the characteristics of addicts to review that was presented earlier in his post before

First thing to do is wash with warm water junkie, give drink a lot, give nutritious food that serves to divert attention from the drug.
but remember this is only a way for first aid if the above does not work immediately brought to the physician addict

like many people say that prevention is better than cure, but if all that has happened and want to say what we should do of course treat for all these problems quickly passed, and here are a few tips you should do to addicts

medical care
independent training
strengthening faith
has a healthy social environment
good communication
avoiding illegal drugs

there are medical ways to treat addicts with one of his
detoksdification process of eliminating toxins (narcotics or other addictive substances) from the body by stopping the total use of all addictive substances are used or with a reduced dose of the drug substitute.

and you should know there are four alternative methods that cause rsee or "Harm Reduction":
using a syringe
contaminated wash (sterilization) needle injection
replace injections with aspirin
actually stopped using drugs

few tips from me hopefully those people we care about on keep out of trouble on this one and thank you for visiting this blog 

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dinah mae said...

interesting topic..
read mine too...

Sam Azhari said...

@dinah mae thks my friend

Kang Juned said...

perlu nih buat nambah wawasan ttng narkoba, tp ane perlu ditranslate dulu, untuk ada google translate .. thanks ya udah mampir ke blog ane .. o ya, udah ane follow back ..

Sam Azhari said...

@Kang Juned
ok kang juned thks ya

Jannah Delfin said...

I appreciate all of the information that you have shared. Thank you for the hard work!
Take comfort in knowing there is help for those struggling with addiction.

- addiction salem ma

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