Therapy Metadon For Addiction

Until this, was gotten by several therapy sorts for the illegal drugs addict. Several for example to be cold Turkey (the stopping suddenly), detoksifikasi, and therapy metadon. However that was proven often succeeded in being what was last that is therapy rumatan metadon. Metadon was opiat synthetic that a group with heroin, codeine, and morphine. 

Opiat this the first time being developed in Germany during 1945 as medicine of the feeling remover was sick. Further, around the year 1960an, for the first time metadon was used for the maintenance program in the illegal drugs addict in New York. By joining therapy metadon, not meant the illegal drugs addict all of a sudden was free from the dependence. 

Why was like this? Because metadon personally was the group opiat, so as giving of this medicine in fact aimed at replacing the requirement for the addict for opiat other like putaw, morphine, etc.. As opiat the replacement who only could be obtained to the therapy clinic metadon, his use had many profits compared with the use of illegal medicine. Metadon reduced even eliminated the dependence of the addict on opiat other that his giving route was risky, for example through the injection. For a long time was known, the use of the needle suntik in the user's circle of intravenous illegal drugs became the main cause of the spread of the HIV and the other illness like hepatitis. The other profit was to reduce the criminal action that was carried out by the illegal drugs addict. The user of illegal drugs usually uses various method sorts in order to be able to get illegal drugs. In therapy metadon the dose was arranged in such a way

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New Addiction treatment methods that include medication may be necessary for any effective help for addiction.

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