Treating the Addict With acupuncture

Treating Addict With Acupuncture
There is one method suggested to treat illegal drug addicts by acupuncture method

Acupuncture body points to wrist and ankle. There are also acupuncture ear, in and around the point of the ear. Including point to calming the lungs, heart, and a special area of illegal drugs

The drugs patients, would feel uncomfortable having to stop taking drugs. And to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling it earlier and stop the dependence (withdrawal effect), can use acupuncture previously empty, has detocsification Further phases, in this phase the influence of illicit drugs was neutralized, using acupuncture points that can help remove the addictive substance. Withdrawal effects, acupuncture can eliminate perspiration in the body, insomnia and provide comfort.

Patients with drug dependence only, can be completely technical acupuncture. But if the sufferer to the extent that dependence is difficult, beat him not only with acupuncture. But it should also with the help of other fields, like psychology and therapy.

technical acupuncture (acupuncture course), for patients with serious illegal drugs can prevent further brain damage. However, all of them back to the patient Although technically helped by acupuncture, environment, family, and the patient really wants to play a role.

If all parties take part in assisting efforts to control the dependence narkoba.saya sure this problem will end sooner, thks

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